Andrew Kaiser is a classically trained composer working out of his studio in Los Angeles.

Trained at NYU and a graduate of the USC Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program, Kaiser is accomplished in composing, Film & TV scoring, and orchestrating.

Kaiser worked for prolific composer Christophe Beck (Frozen, Edge of Tomorrow) after graduating from USC.
Under Beck, Kaiser was mentored in how to score films and he was able to gain credits for composing, orchestrating and songwriting in several major studio feature films.  

After 2 years of learning and working for one of the busiest composers in Hollywood, Kaiser left to find his own path in music. 

After leaving Christophe Beck's studio, Kaiser was employed as a freelance composer for several composers in addition to Beck, including David Vanacore (Survivor, Apprentice). Through Vanacore Music, Kaiser has had literally thousands of music cues used in hundreds of television shows all over the world.

Most importantly, though, as an freelance composer Kaiser compiled credits in a wide range of feature films, including Time Lapse, The Perfect Family, Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, and TiMER.

He’s been honored with several rewards for his music including SESAC Awards for Survivor, Big Brother, The Apprentice and Cable Television Performance Awards every year since 2010.