Excited to be collaborating with you of my favorite people, David Chamberlin, on some tracks! 
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Official website for the composer Andrew Kaiser.
Andrew is s a composer for film, TV and other media.  Classically trained and a graduate of the USC Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program, his music is featured in numerous film scores as well as on hundreds of television series world wide.  

THE REMIX OF "fin" Is UP on Youtube!!

  1. 1 TiMER (Main Title) 02:52
  2. 2 Scarred (Acoustic, Emotive) 01:34
  3. 3 Time Lapse MT_Film Mix 01:12
  4. 4 Black Death (Supernatural, Orchestral Hybrid) 01:31
  5. 5 there may be love_Film Mix 01:47
  6. 6 Keep Moving (Action, Orchestral Hybrid) 01:37
  7. 7 take it slow (Band, alt-pop-rock) 01:17
  8. 8 Prelude (orchestral) 00:40
  9. 9 Flourish (Vocals: Jennifer Morrison- Star Trek) 01:29 Lyrics


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